cabinet space, secure cage space, custom data center space


1025Connect offers an array of flexible colocation services to meet your unique requirements. We offer cabinets, secure cages and custom data suites customized to suit your specific space and electrical needs, with the ability to connect to a number of providers in our network-neutral Meet-Me Room (MMR). We also offer roof rights and disaster recovery seats in addition to available in-building office space. This provides a total solution that combines secure colocation with the ability to conduct operations on-site.

Cabinet Space
Secure cabinet space is available in ⅓, ½ and full-cabinet increments while customers maintain complete control over their contents.

Secure Cage Space
Secure cage space is available in accordance with individual customer specifications, leased per square-foot. Our secure cage space offering enables customers to achieve a high level of flexibility when implementing their colocation solution.

Custom Data Center Space
Private data center space is the ideal solution for organizations seeking a storage option conducive to large quantities of data for a production or backup environment. 1025Connect provides built-to-suit data center environments designed to custom specifications. Our colocation facility provides customers with secure 24/7 access to their equipment, enabling them to maintain complete control of their hardware without having to manage the physical plant.

Roof Rights
The 1025Connect facility offers available unobstructed prime roof real estate including various wiring structures and insulated hubs.

High Tech Office Space
In addition to providing colocation services, 1025Connect also serves as a commercial office building. The availability of this office space allows customers to conduct operations in the same building as their cabinets while benefiting from a building owner-operated facility with available Meet-Me Room.

  • 1025CONNECT: Uniquely Located

    1025Connect is Long Island's Premier Network-Neutral Meet-Me Room for Network Interconnection and Colocation.

    • Network-Neutral Facility
    • Direct Access to Multiple Submarine Cable Systems on Long Island to Europe and Latin America
    • Easternmost Peering Point in the New York metro area
    • Direct Access to Manhattan Bypass Fiber Routes
    • No Monthly Recurring Cross Connect Fees
    • Located 110ft/33.5m above sea level and out of the 100-year flood zone