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We hope everyone is well during these “unique times”!!

To accommodate the growing number of carriers, content and cloud providers searching for direct access to Europe and North America through New York, 1025Connect announces an expanded Meet Me Room and made substantial upgrades to the mechanical room, while keeping the facility online without interruption.

The completed expansion adds 1,200 square feet to the Meet Me Room, additional cage space, added inventory for 45 cabinets and two, 22 ton HVAC units that will be supported by the new, highly efficient mechanical room.

“With demand increasing to connect global subsea systems to terrestrial networks, it was the right time to expand and invest in our buildings infrastructure to ensure future growth, improved performance and maximize sustainability,” says John A. Danko, Director of Business Development for 1025Connect. “The expansion supports our dedication to our core customers and provides the availability and access to more networks.”

1025Connect serves as host to the easternmost peering point in the New York metro area, enabling easier access and delivery of content and data distributed to the “Continental Edge.” All without monthly recurring cross connect fees.

Stay safe and we hope to see all our friends and business partners real soon!