Subsea Cable News archive

9 nov 2017
Seaborn Networks delivers SeaSpeed ULL routes between Brazil and U.S. exchange data centers

8 nov 2017
Global Cloud Xchange Announces Plan for “Cloud and Fiber Initiative” Across the World’s Fastest Growing Economies

26 oct 2017
Submarine Fiber Cable Market: Regional Market Segment by Production, Consumption, Revenue and Growth Rate

17 oct 2017
Funding settled for PEACE submarine cable project

25 sep 2017
Microsoft and Facebook just laid a 160-terabits-per-second cable 4,100 miles across the Atlantic

20 sep 2017
Infinera and Seaborn Set Subsea Industry Benchmark for Capacity-Reach with XTS-3300 on Seabras-1

8 sep 2017
Seaborn Networks’ Seabras-1 subsea cable system between the USA and Brazil is ready for operations

31 aug 2017
IFC-1 Welcomes Fergus Innes as Managing Director

24 aug 2017
Let’s take a tour of the internet’s many tubes, wires and cables

21 aug 2017
Denis O’Brien eyes Cuba for new underwater fibre optic cable

8 aug 2017
Undersea Fiber Network to Deliver 100-Gigabit-Per-Second Broadband Speeds to Hawaii

19 jul 2017
Russell Investments Group Ltd. Has $413,000 Stake in Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.

30 may 2017
Tim Stronge – The Irrational Exuberance of Sub Cable Bubbles

11 may 2017
Aqua Comms appoints Chief Networks Officer and CFO

26 apr 2017
Closer to the Edge: Investors Buying Up Regional Data Centers

10 apr 2017
Curaçao and Djibouti – two new Cloudflare datacenters located where undersea cables meet

7 apr 2017
Google to build new undersea cable connecting Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney capable of 18Tbps connections

22 mar 2017
Nokia and Facebook boost fiber optic speed for faster Internet

21 mar 2017
Nokia & Facebook Push Undersea Fiber to 32 Tbit/s

7 mar 2017
Lumos Networks Announces Continued Sales Pipeline Expansion tied to Virginia Beach Undersea Cable Landing Site

6 mar 2017
Here are the Submarine Cables Funded by Cloud Giants

23 feb 2017
The Evolution of Submarine Cable Connectivity in Africa

22 feb 2017
Lightower Cable Landing Station Connectivity

16 feb 2017
Will the Submarine Cable Boom Drive More Revenue to Colos?

14 feb 2017
Frequently Asked Questions: Submarine Cables 101

25 jan 2017
New, Superfast Internet From the Ocean? Harbor District to Hear $1.75 Million Proposal to Connect Humboldt to Undersea Cables

25 jan 2017
Repair work on disrupted submarine optic cables completed

26 dec 2016
Technical fault in PTCL fibre optics causes massive Internet outage across Pakistan

12 dec 2016
Seaborn Networks Launches New Lowest Latency Route Between Carteret and São Paulo

8 dec 2016
The Cloud Brings Colo to Cable Landings

29 nov 2016
A ship may have cut fiber-optic cables connecting the Channel Islands to the U.K.

2 nov 2016
Undersea cables span the globe to send more data than satellites

31 oct 2016
Cambodia’s first MCT submarine fiber cable to make debut

30 oct 2016
Do sharks like biting on submarine internet cables? The captain of a cable ship reveals all

18 oct 2016
In 2018, a Massive Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable Will Connect LA to Hong Kong

15 oct 2016
Aboard the ship laying the groundwork for global communications

15 sep 2016
Undersea fibre cable will link Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

17 aug 2016
Huawei Marine Partners with Belize Telemedia Limited to deploy new undersea cable system

5 jul 2016
New Undersea Cable Adds 60 Tbps Capacity Between U.S. and Asia

30 jun 2016
Google’s ‘FASTER’ undersea cable goes online with 60 Tbps of bandwidth

22 jun 2016
Rural Alaska, Arctic telecom projects continue growth

18 may 2016
Telefónica plans transoceanic fiber cable station in Virginia Beach

18 mar 2016
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments

16 feb 2016
Damaged undersea cable disrupts Sitka’s Internet, TV service

19 jan 2016
Equinix connects Sydney to US West Coast with new undersea cable

31 dec 2015
Submarine cable fault affects PTCL broadband users

3 dec 2015
Alcatel-Lucent and Bluesky Pacific Group launch new submarine cable system to enhance connectivity across Pacific

2 oct 2015
Subsea cable leaves Telstra customers with Apple download delays

13 sep 2015
$2M to repair cable

9 jul 2015
CNMI disconnected: Cut cable shuts down phones, banking

26 jun 2015
Fault in submarine cable impacts internet services in Pakistan

27 apr 2015
America-Europe Connect submarine network construction begins

12 feb 2015
Routing breakthrough could boost long haul capacity by 40 percent

21 jan 2015
New York-São Paulo undersea link goes ahead

20 jan 2015
Don’t blame sharks for Asian Internet problems, experts say

19 jan 2015
India’s Tata buys capacity in Brazil-US undersea cable

19 jan 2015
Telstra Hits 100G on key Asia-Pac Submarine Cables

17 dec 2014
Telstra in Talks to Buy Undersea Cable Operator Pacnet

8 dec 2014
BT completes superfast subsea links to Scottish Islands

20 oct 2014
Meeting the Technical Challenges of Transatlantic Connectivity

17 oct 2014
Angola approves bank guarantee for undersea fibre project

16 oct 2014
Google Funds New Brazil – U.S. Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

11 aug 2014
Google backs $300M undersea fiber optic cable to Japan

3 july 2014
This Underwater Drone Is The Future Of Navy Surveillance

1 july 2014
Private undersea cable is growing networking trend; IoT drives IPv6

8 may 2014
Alcatel-Lucent completes 100G upgrade of Apollo undersea cable

18 march 2014
Level 3 and EMCALI Enhance Internet Connectivity in Colombia via New Undersea Cable

7 march 2014
20,000km undersea cable to link Singapore to Europe

5 march 2014
Underwater Internet Cables: ‘Submarine Cable Map’ Shows How The World Gets Online

31 jan 2014
Cable compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments

9 dec 2013
TE Connectivity SubCom Begins Survey Work On USA East Coast And Ireland’s West Coast For Emerald Networks’ Submarine Cable System ‘Emerald Express’

5 nov 2013
Emerald Networks and CenturyLink Sign Agreement for Trans-Atlantic Capacity

4 sep 2013
Growing Demand for Bandwidth Spurs Growth in Submarine Optical Fiber Cables Market

25 aug 2013
Eavesdropping on the Whole World

20 aug 2013
TPG to acquire fibre on Australia-US undersea cable

30 july 2013
MAYA-1 fiber cable system shuts down for repairs

30 july 2013
Huawei Marine completes Boracay and Palawan Submarine Cable System in the Philippines

7 july 2013
Strict rules help U.S. access data traffic on undersea cables

5 july 2013
Southeast Asia-Japan Cable System Strengthens Globe Regional Connectivity

3 july 2013
1025Connect Stays True to Its Name, Powering an Unparalleled Level of Connectivity

27 june 2013
Google’s new submarine cable can provide faster Internet access in Asia, for now

27 june 2013
Southeast Asia-Japan submarine cable to improve latency, resiliency

17 april 2013
TE to connect Chevron’s US facility with undersea cable

15 april 2013
Disrupting Undersea Cables: Cyberspace’s Hidden Vulnerability

11 April 2013
Undersea cable from Brazil skips Miami

28 March 2013
Undersea internet cables off Egypt disrupted as navy arrests three

28 February 2013
Vodafone Signs On With Emerald Express

25 July 2012
The Undersea Cables that Connect the World

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