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We blinked and two years went by fast. When our Director of Business Development, John A. Danko, came on board at 1025Connect, he immediately began fostering an effective change to the mission, core values and culture, and focused on centralizing everything on the customer experience. 

Prior to John, the business had become complacent, and within months he was able to direct the company in a path for growth and positive change. “It took a bit to understand exactly what we had, where the gaps and vulnerabilities were, and then to create a punch list for a significant number of areas that needed to be overhauled and delivered  to a level to help us grow, all the while supporting customers,” states John. “I have been able to augment the ecosystem with a number of enterprise customers, and additionally focus on the strength we have as a core subsea interconnection facility. I took on the mantra of rebuild and win.” 

In that time John has rebuilt the company, overseeing business development, sales, marketing and operations, while helping many of his colleagues and ownership understand the core neutral interconnection business. John has grown the revenue by 25% and the customer base by 55% and has brought 1025Connect to a new level in terms of awareness and engagement, through what has been an extremely difficult time on a global level. 

Congrats on your two-year Anniversary, John! We look forward to the continued success, and speaking more about our achievements soon!