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How is it possible for an Enterprise with medium to large communications network requirements to re-engineer the access, or local loop, portion of their network to realize substantial monthly cost savings, have multiple service provider options, reduce the time to get new services turned up and improve the quality of the connections?

Traditional network access is the RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Company), and a number of other local, regional and national Service Providers. On Long Island, the incumbent is Verizon Telecom. Other service providers include, but are not limited to, Altice (Lightpath/Optimum), CenturyLink, Crown Castle, OCG, RCN, Windstream, Zayo, and others. Currently, network operators face impediments regarding access within municipal and geographic areas. The result is a tremendous opportunity for Enterprise clients with medium to large communication network requirements. If they know where to go and how to deploy, they can access the cost effective, time efficient and higher quality connections that the carriers have been using themselves for decades interconnecting their networks.

Interconnection facilities represent opportunities to “move” your phone closet or data room to a more secure location, one that’s fully supported for power & cooling, including back up with UPS and generators. Historical deregulation and massive growth of facilities-based carriers, along with a high growth of ISP’s, caused a greater hierarchy need for interconnection. Carriers used RBOCs and Service Providers to connect to other carriers and end users (essentially a “local loop”). In an effort to reduce the monthly costs that carriers had to bear, they decided to reduce the proximity between their networks and establish direct interconnections, thus eliminating the local loop. All the Carriers, Service Providers and ISP’s built their facilities within common locations that housed other carriers, thus the terms Carrier Hotel” and Meet Me Room“,which have become common within the industry.

It makes sense to have a central interconnection point so that dollars spent on extending network create a presence that can be used to provide multiple network or service provider interconnections, not just one. Enterprise networks using all of these disparate connections to connect to Service Providers, ISPs and others can re-engineer their networks, extend their corporate “phone closet” and establish a presence in the same interconnect facilities that the Carriers and Service Providers use themselves to cut costs, time and improve quality for their own connections.

  • Rather than wait for the Service Provider or ISP to provision a one-off loop to you, why not go to them? 
  • Instead of reaching just one, why not have ready access to dozens? 

The premise is to take advantage of the capex investment those companies made themselves to get to the Meet Me Room, and hold them to the notion that a cross connect to them is physically on-net, and no “local loop” charges apply. There should be no monthly recurring cross connect charges. You are also buying at a “wholesale” price within the Meet MeRoom, which will generally be 25-30% less than buying out in the street. Your network presence provides access to Voice, IP, Data, Subsea, Cloud Services, Storage, back-up and other specialized services pertaining to your industry, on-net, and immediately available. 

As the technology of networks, particularly software, have evolved, the modern version of the Meet Me Room includes the access to, and capability to, directly interconnect to a global internet exchange and cloud provider exchange. 1025Connect is the easternmost access point for the DE-CIX New York internet exchange in the New York metro area, creating the ability to reach 200+ networks locally, 800+ networks in Europe, and 1500+ networks throughout the world by benefitting from this ability to “peer” your network, directly and securely. 1025Connect is also fortunate to have Epsilon, a global connectivity platform that allows for seamless management, higher quality, scalable and cost-efficient connections to the leading cloud services including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, and education, healthcare, research & science, and media & entertainment networks.

An Enterprise can establish a large capacity “pipe” in the form of Dark Fiber or Gigabit Ethernet, or other optical capacity circuit, to the Meet Me Room, establish an infrastructure network PoP (Point of Presence) with equipment, and then directly interconnect or cross connect to those service provider networks they choose. By re-engineering your network over larger, diverse path signals that you own and operate, or have someone else manage, you are eliminating the hops, time delay, and costs of the service provider network delivering to you, and provisioning them across your own extended demarcation point to the interconnect facility.

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John Danko

John A. Danko, Director of Business Development