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Henry Bergmann – Managing Member

Henry Bergmann is an entrepreneur with a special knack for re-developing distressed properties that go on to provide economic benefits to the community where those properties are located.

Early in his career he worked in Public Accounting. He later formed his own consulting company, and used his talents to guide struggling businesses through the financial turnaround process. Mr. Bergman has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Quinnipiac University and is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and Florida. He serves on various local community boards and works with individuals helping make life better through representation at civil and statutory meetings.

KJ Orth – Global Ambassador

Klaus-Jürgen Orth is the former co-founder and owner of Ancotel. This interconnection facility in Kleyerstraße 90, Frankfurt (Germany) is still one of the most interconnection dense data centers on the globe. Mr. Orth sold the business in 2012 to Equinix and afterwards created his own venture company named kj-projects, investing in international service providers as well as in diverse other industries.

His personality is still widely known and appreciated in the international interconnection community and Mr. Orth enjoys the “art of networking” as he calls by bringing people, ideas and businesses together. Given his 20+ years background in marketing and communications, he is also a very valuable help in all marketing related topics.

With his charity organization MainLichtBlick he helps sick and traumatized children and also supports new career starters as a member of the audit committee for marketing and communication at the chamber of commerce in Frankfurt, his home town.

Michael Petraitis – Advisory Board Member

Michael Petraitis is an Engineer and Director of Planning and Design Inc. Obtaining an Engineering Degree from New York Institute of Technology, he began a technology discipline as a fiber engineer working for “TCG” delivering fiber on NYC’s first ACCU and SONET Rings for the New York Stock Exchange and World Trade Center.

Corporate positions held during his career were Engineering Director for TCG and Engineering VP for Broadview Networks from which he led teams for fiber connectivity, equipment commissioning, compliance audits, policy procedures and engineering of BMS, VoIP, MPLS/ISP services. With 30+ years of quantitative predictions and experience he now consults and delivers engineering services to a satisfied group of clientele.