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John A. Danko – Director of Business Development

John A. Danko, Director of Business Development for 1025Connect, is responsible for negotiation and acquisition of domestic, international and subsea business for the 1025Connect Carrier Hotel  colocation facility. A professional with over 24 years of experience in all aspects of telecom and network neutral infrastructure, John has extensive experience developing interconnection space around the U.S.

Prior to joining 1025Connect, John held similar positions for ColoGuard and Jamestown 325 Hudson LP, executing the acquisition of U.S. domestic and international business for Carrier Hotel Meet Me Room (MMR) infrastructure. At 325 Hudson, he was directly responsible for growing the MMR from zero tenants to 37 network operators, including execution with the NYC franchise operators in pulling 11,592 new fiber strands to the MMR. An earlier position at Allied Fiber, LLC, allowed John to develop customer agreements for dark fiber, access and colocation. John started his interconnection career with the Telx Group, now Digital Realty, where he was an Account Manager and Director of Media & Entertainment.

John earned a Bachelor of Arts from Winthrop University, and is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers organization.

Rodney Ceant – Project Manager

In a company specializing in connectivity, Mr. Ceant plays a key connectivity role. He facilitates all client communication, scheduling meetings, travel, and providing seamless support to the customers, partners and team members at 1025Connect. Mr. Ceant is an integral part of the 1025Connect culture and is committed to supporting customer growth, maintaining an environment of collaboration, uncompromised integrity and confidentiality. His energy and attention to detail are key ingredients to successful client outcomes here.

Zachary Ross – Head of Facilities & Management