Aqua Comms – Delivering secure, resilient, transatlantic connectivity. We are delighted that Aqua Comms picked 1025Connect as a central access point to their North Atlantic Loop.

Cleareon – Fiber Networks. Access Redefined. We agree with 1025Connect on the need for the New York metro bypass and the shift towards the North Atlantic Loop.

DE-CIX – Where networks meet. We are proud to have the most important Internet Exchange in the world present in our facility, with access to over 1,500 global ASNs.

Epsilon – Connectivity changes everything. We are glad not only to host Epsilon as a customer, making connectivity simple to our joint client base, but also to have the Epsilon headquarter its North America operation in the Technology Center at 1025 Old Country Road.

YOU? – Become a partner in the 1025 Partner program: Whether you know of a business that would benefit from our connectivity solutions, or would like to take advantage of our services yourself, we are always ready to discuss how to tailor our solutions to your needs.