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1025Connect proudly announces the deployment of Domicilium (IOM) Ltd into our Carrier Hotel Meet Me Room. Domicilium, our 35th network, was established in 1991 as one of the first Internet Service Providers in Europe and is now regarded as a world leading network and services provider, with technical skills, a proven track record, wide product range and commitment to service. Domicilium will help our ecosystem of networks of technical and process solutions to overcome challenges and adds immediate immense value.

“Domicilium is proud to have 1025Connect on Long Island in New York as our hosting facility and partner. Following the recommendation of a prominent global telecommunications provider we reached out to the team at 1025Connect to discuss our hosting requirements,” states Simon Slaytor, operations manager for Domicilum. “When addressing our needs, both during pre-sales discussions and the final deployment, we have found their staff to be well informed, responsive and friendly at all times and the facility itself has exceeded all our expectations. We are especially pleased there are no monthly recurring cross connect fees.”

Domicilium’s network core extends diversely from their facilities in the Isle of Man into Manchester and the heart of the European communications hub in London Telehouse and then on to other core global locations including Asia, delivering optimal performance by peering with all major Tier–1 providers. By extending into North America in 1025Connect, Domicilium will contribute immediately to the options and choices for our customers, especially the enterprise, who look for and seek that in the decision to establish their network presence with us.

“I feel particularly pleased that Domicilium, as well as other European networks, realize the importance we have as the easternmost peering point in the U.S., and recognize our great density of accessible submarine cable systems within our facility, which is continuing to grow,” states John A. Danko, director of business development for 1025Connect. “I’ll also add, this is enabled in an environment where we are articulating our focus on driving business to our network tenants, and that this can be done effectively in an environment that does not charge any monthly recurring cross connect fees.”